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"When Chris first suggested that I try a high protein, low carbohydrate diet I was a bit sceptical but after talking to her more I decided to give it a go. My aim was to lose 6 kilograms and 13cm off my waist. After just 5 weeks on the diet I had achieved both goals, I felt great and had more energy than I had had for sometime. Since then I have been using a balanced approach to my food intake as suggested by Chris and have had no trouble at all in maintaining the weight reduction. I highly recommend Chris's diet suggestions.”

/  Greg, Buddina  /


"I recently saw a copy of your book and borrowed it for a week after a recommendation from a friend. I'm pleased to say that I lost 3 kilograms in that first week which I was very happy with."

/  Kaye, Adelaide.  /


"Bought your book and have been going great since September 25, 2002. Loving the freedom of protein after losing and gaining over 70kg (three different occasions) with Weight Watchers. I have lost 13kg this time and completely lost my appetite (other than at meal times). I also feel about 10 years younger as far as vitality is concerned. Many thanks for your interest and information on healthy eating." 

/  Russell, Melbourne  /


"I am 56 years of age, 157cm tall, before I began your eating plan I weighed 61.85 since I found your book 5 weeks ago I have lost 6.85 kilo's and my husband who is 6ft 2 was 107 kilos is now 100 kilos and his belt has gone in 4 notches. We have scrambled eggs and grilled bacon each day for breakfast and just love it. So thank you once more."

/  Frances, Spring Hill  /