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Lose Weight and Feel Great

Choose your own food, eat out in restaurants, and enjoy a glass of wine! Chris Smith is the Author of the very successful series of books based on the low carb diet sensation taking the world by storm. You can find out more about her diet and recipe books on this site, as well as testimonials from many happy people who have used Chris's diet and recipes to their own success.


Welcome to The Power of Protein

For those of you who have not yet tried the low carbohydrate way of eating before, I trust you will enjoy it and in particular the low carb recipes available in my diet and recipe books, "The Power of Protein". 

Each recipe has its own individual carb count which is essential for those of you who have already lost weight using the Power of Protein Diet Book (Blue) and those of you starting out. Once you have determined your individual carb count the recipes just make it easy for you.  

Thank you to all the people who have emailed or written to me, your feedback has been invaluable and I trust you will enjoy the recipes in the new book as much as you did in the previous books.

To those of you who are just starting out on the low carbohydrate road, you will need the The Power of Protein Low Carbohydrate/High Protein Diet Book (Blue Book). It is still available in all good newsagents and selected bookstores, and of course you can also order it here online. The second book (Yellow Cover) has more great low carb recipes for you to enjoy. The third book (Green cover) is the first in a mini-series of great tips and recipes to further enhance your experience and keep your carbohydrates low.



"I came across your book in a newsagency and I bought it immediately. Once home I started reading and I was hooked. It was everything I had been looking for as it explains the whole diet and carb counts and recipes too. So I am onto my second day and going along fine. I must say that bloated feeling I felt all the time has gone. I am sure with a few more weeks I will really feel the difference."

/  Suzy, Bahamas  /