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Extract from Chris Smith’s Book, “The Power of Protein” Copyright Chris Smith 2002


Savoury Snacks

Pork Krackles are available in most supermarkets in the nuts and chips section.


Sugar Free Lollies

e.g. DD's, Ricci Lite N Luscious, Jol's Sugar Free Patilles, Extra Chewing Gum, Smint Lollies, Zones Drops are all fine to use on the diet but be very aware that excessive consumption may have a laxative effect. Always check the carbohydrate count and allow for it in your daily allowance.


Amoretti Almond Macaroon Biscuits available most supermarkets 2.4gms per serve.


Woolworths Lean Aussie Burger -100% Beef 0gm carbohydrates.



Beef Chavapi (Woolworths) - .25gms carbohydrates per sausage

Coles Italian or Coles Chilli Italian - 1gm carbohydrate per sausage


Atkins Snack Bars (Morning Shine) available most supermarkets - 2gms carbohydrates per bar.


Remember, this is very different to anything you've ever done before. You need to forget everything you've ever done in the past - forget the kj count, forget the fat count - you are only concerned with carbohydrates.


Eat plenty of protein. If you are hungry, you need to eat more protein.


Do not feel guilty eating your cooked breakfast. It is not so long ago that cooked breakfasts of bacon and eggs were the accepted thing. It is only more recently that we have changed our ways and taken to eating carbohydrate breakfasts such as cereal and toast. We then wonder why we are hungry again within one or two hours of eating a high carbohydrate breakfast.


Read labels. Low fat doesn't mean low carbohydrate when the fat is removed its usually replaced with sugar.


Do not assume that because food is classed as "diet" food that it will be acceptable. Most "diet" foods are low in fat but contain carbohydrate.


Drink two litres of water per day, and make exercise a regular habit!!

Poached Eggs with Skillet Toast

Poached Eggs with Skillet Toast